Thursday, 23 February 2012

Full Time 2nd Draft Feedback

We showed the 2nd draft of our film opennig, Full Time, to our media class in order to recive feedback on what needs work. Whilst we received many positive comments but the most helpful were the negitive ones on what needs work.
Here is some of the feedback:

"I think some of the shots looked to generic. They were good however some looked too ‘setup’"
We tried to use a wide varitiy of different shots in our film, not all of them worked as well as we had hoped and many of these were cut out during editing process. In order to create this film we watched many chase scenes from differernt films and tried to use some of the shots from these films to help, but many we created our selves. This is why some of the shots look 'setup' but thats the way we intended our film to look.

"I think the typography was positioned very well however you should consider changing the font."
We considered many spaces for the postioning of the typography but i beleive the spaces we have chosen fit well in our film. As for the font we are going to change it during our next edit of the film, we just wanted to give a basic veiw of what it would look like in the finished film.

"I think the music suited it very well. However I think it should have been synced to the motion a little better."
The music we selected during our chase scene was a Pendulum Encoder, we selected this music as it is quite a fast paced song that fits well withthe fast pace of our scene. We tried to match the shots to the fast paced nature of the scene although we felt some shots didnt work as well as we had hoped. Those that didnt work will be replaced during our next edit of the film.

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