Tuesday, 29 November 2011

This is the first storyboard draft of our film opening, "full time".
In this draft I have chosen a simple sketch format that can be changed easily; it can be seen that in this first sheet I have left some aspects of the edit open to later development.
In this case I have not made any finalisations regarding the opening credits as I am not in charge of title design.


The storyboard is really good and as head of titles for our group there are many places that the titles can go, they will be put in during the editing process.

Typography - Final Decision

After discussing with my group which font shall be used forThis blatant is the font to be used that shows the peoples names who are involved in the film opening
Unfortunately you cannot use punctuation in this font but i believe it is the one that suits the theme of our film opening

This is the font that shall be used to show the name of the film – full time. We believe this font is the one that appeals most to our target audience and suits The genre of our film opening.

Full Time
Full Time.
full time
full time.
As I am doing the titles for our group, I had some say in the typography and believe that this is the fount that works best for our film. This will be the final typography for film and will appear in the final cut.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Full Time - Narrative

A football fan discovers that his local team are illegally being run by the mafia, but before he can tell anyone the mafia kill him.

After his death three friends find out the mafia are illegally running the team thorough a series of clues he left them in his will, they also find out that they kill him and swear revenge on his life.

They then come up with a plan that will get the football team back in to their hands and get the mafia boss arrested.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Title Sequence Research - Common Order of Opening Credits

The Most Common Order of Opening Credits:
1. Name of the Studio - Name of the studio that is distributing the film and may or may not have produced it.
2. Name of the Production Company - Name of the production company that actually made the film.
3. Director/Producer Production - Director's first credit.
4. Starring - Big name actors appering in the film.
5. Film Title - The name of the film.
6. Featuring - Featured actors.
7. Casting - Casting director.
8. Music/Original Score - Composer of music.
9. Production Design - Production designer.
10. Editor - Edited by.
11. Producer/Executive Producer - Producers, co-producers, executive producers. Often, though, the name of the producer will be the next-to-last opening credit, just before the director's name is shown.
12. Written by - Screenplay writers.
13. Director - Director. The Directors Guild of America permits a film to list only one director, even when it is known that two or more worked on it.