Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Shot List

The primary shots we decided to use in our film opening included:

Panning Shot - Used when Jonny is being chased across a ledge, the camera is situated at a lower level moving with the action, emphasising the pace of the chase. This is also used when nearing the end of the film, with the camera panning around the victims head, showing his worried, panicked emotion.
Close-Up - A shoe of each actor is shown closely as they run past, emphasising who was chasing who and increasing the tension as these short clips are transitioned with a black screen with the sound of someone panting.
Still - This was probably our most commonly used shot. The actor(s) would run past the camera, giving the audience a chance to establish characters clothes etc. This shot is also used towards the end of the film opening when the victim is at gunpoint, we feel this shot was necessary as it shows the victims vulnerability and the attackers dominance. This shot was most effectively used when we incorporated the sunset into the shot. The sun coming through the railings allowed us to show the actors as silhouettes, which would only be possible with  a still.
P.O.V. - This was only used once and we are unsure whether or not to use it in the final draft. This was used from the point of view of a chaser, showing him running down a flight of steps. This shot was very unsteady and the light intensity was poor, however, it gave an alternative view and emphasised the pace.
Zoom Out - Whilst running across a bridge, the cameraman stood at the end waiting, as they approached the camera zoomed out with them, they ran past the camera showing the intensity of the run.
Extreme Close Up - Used when iPod is being plugged in and on the gun near the end. Showing the gun close up emphasises the importance of the weapon.
Pan-Up - The final shot used, as the victim leaves the house the camera pans up into the cloudy, white sky, locating an ideal spot for the title Full Time to appear.
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For each of these different shots we used we tried to include space in shot that we could use for the tiltes and typeography. I believe that we used this effectivly in our final production as there were many opertunities in which we had space left over in shot to put in these titles but there were also spaces that we didnt use, that were left blank during the actual film. This ended up working very well.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

First Draft Feed Back

On the 6th of December 2011 our media class presented to each other our projects, unfortunatly due to technical difficulties my group were un able to show of First Draft of our project. Instead we showed some short clips of our film that were out of sequence and did not make much sence with out the rest of the footage. Although we did still get possitive feed back about where our film was going:

"lots of good shots in there!"

"Some great camera angles, and the sun really adds to the production values"

"I love your camera angles it looked so damn cool!!!"

"When its finished I think its gonna be really good!!!!"

We did also get a bit of negative feed back about the film though. This is good as now we know where we can imporve and how to do it.